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For every milestone and bump in the road along the way to healthy and happy, we are here to guide you. Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic is the leading children's clinic located in Jonesboro, AR serving all families in the North East Arkansas region. Our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional, compassionate and comprehensive pediatric care. We offer a range of services from well-child check-ups and immunizations to specialty care from newborns to adolescents. Call Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic for an appointment today!





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Teach your child to be safe - take precautions and monitor their online activities. Limit internet use and make sure they are using kid friendly programs. #tuesdaytip #jpckids ... See MoreSee Less

My reaction every time the doctor asks if I've been eating healthy. 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

We all know that laughter is the best medicine, so how about a little #friday funny to share with the kids? Like and share!! ... See MoreSee Less

Don't forget to make your appointment with Ms. Amy! We just ❤️ her!! #thursdaythoughts ... See MoreSee Less

It is very important to show physical affection to children. This is a vital part of social behavior development and various studies show that skin to skin contact can improve a variety of complex emotions. The simple act of touching has shown improvements in cognitive and emotional development, including reducing symptoms of depression. Take the time to be affectionate, it truly matters. #wednesdaywisdom ... See MoreSee Less

It's best for your children if you help them develop the skills needed to cope with anger. Here are some tips on controlling anger:
1. Let them explain why they are angry - talk it out
2. Let them blow off steam by stomping - physical expression
3. Let them know you care - give comfort & affection
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Don't you just hate it when that happens? 😡😅 #toddlers #monday ... See MoreSee Less

Time for a Friday funny: What does a nosy pepper do?
He gets jalapeno business 😂
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We can do same day appointments! #jpckids ... See MoreSee Less

Not only does reading to children help develop their language skills, but it also enhances their concentration and creates a thirst for knowledge. Take the time to read to your children, for this is time well invested. ... See MoreSee Less

The 3 F's of Parenting:
1. Be Firm - Consequences should be clearly stated and then stuck with when the inappropriate behavior occurs.
2. Be Fair - The punishment should always fit the crime.
3. Be Friendly - Be firm when explaining to children any mistake they have made, but also be friendly to help foster a good relationship with them.
... See MoreSee Less

Thought we could all use a good laugh today. Like if it made you laugh. #monday 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Good morning! Today, Jonathan Cottingham, APRN, will be here seeing patients. He will be seeing wellness visits as well as Sick Visits. ... See MoreSee Less

Attention: Change in clinic hours today. We will be closing the clinic at 10:30, but will have our phones available until 4:00pm. ... See MoreSee Less

Attention: Change in clinic hours this Thursday. We will be closing the clinic at 10:30, but will have our phones available until 4:00pm. ... See MoreSee Less

In a time where our words and emotions are being replaced with emojis, understanding the impact of verbal communications on your child's speech development is critical. Parent-to-child communications are crucial for language development and learning. Don't let technology take the place of social interaction. Take the time to talk to your kids. The benefits are priceless. ... See MoreSee Less

Whether you have a toddler, or a teenager, parenting can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you out. #tuesdaytips
1. Set aside a regular time to do something fun with your child
2. Be consistent, whether it is for reward or punishment
3. Clearly express desirable and undesirable behaviors
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Time to start eating better and exercising 😁 #jpckids #mondaymotivation ... See MoreSee Less

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!! #happyeaster #jpckids ... See MoreSee Less

"For every milestone and bump in the road along the way to health and happy, we are here to guide you." #happygoodfriday ... See MoreSee Less

Today is #littleredwagonday Share with us pictures of your little ones in their red wagons. #springtime #backyardstrolls ... See MoreSee Less

We all know that funny feeling we get when it gets way to quiet in the house 😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Nearly 50 million people around the world live with epilepsy and there is no known cause for the condition. It is a treatable, but it can be confusing especially for children. Wear purple today to support awareness and be sure to use #EpilepsyAwarenessDay or #PurpleDay when posting on social media. ... See MoreSee Less

To all those parents who made it through spring break, we salute you. #friday ... See MoreSee Less

Ms. Amy is the best. Be sure to come to JPC so your child can see her, too. #thursdaythoughts #JPCkids ... See MoreSee Less

We know parenting is tough, and, it’s even tougher when you’re a single parent. Here at JPC we do our best make each visit a little bit easier for you. #SingleParentsDay #JPCkids ... See MoreSee Less

Don’t forget to use our dosage guideline from our website to make sure you are administering the correct amount of medicine to your babies. #tuesdaytip ... See MoreSee Less

Nurses affect the everyday lives of their patients and dedicate long, hard hours of work to ensure their well-being. Here at JPC, we are proud to advance our skills, continue our education, and share our passion for the medical field. Our patients mean the world to us and we want to provide them with the best care and services. #nationalcertifiednursesday ... See MoreSee Less

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! 🍀😁 #jpckids ... See MoreSee Less

It's going to be one wild and crazy spring break! 😂 #jpckids #springbreak #daddydoover ... See MoreSee Less

Weekends mean more time for naps. Happy weekend from JPC. #weekendnaps #happyweekend ... See MoreSee Less

There’s a reason why everyone loves Ms. Amy. She has over 20 years of pediatric experience and is a trusted pediatric provider with a passion for making sick kids well again. Be sure to make your appointment with Ms. Amy so she can make your little one feel better, too. ... See MoreSee Less

Each year roughly 12,540 injuries to children's ears stem from the use of cotton swabs. They can also cause earwax to become jammed or stuck in the ear, causing ringing in the ears, trouble hearing, itching and discomfort. #tuesdaythoughts ... See MoreSee Less

Naps are great, you should get one! #nationalnapday #jpckids #mondaymotivation ... See MoreSee Less

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend. #daylightsavings #springforward ... See MoreSee Less

We challenge you and your family to #unplug for a set amount of time and do a fun activity together. For example, playing a conversation game with your kids or doing a tech-free activity together. #unplugday ... See MoreSee Less

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Spring is quickly approaching, and with that comes allergy season. Use the medications tab from our website to make sure you are giving your child the correct amount of medications. ... See MoreSee Less

Reminder! Be sure to call and start scheduling wellness checkups for summer break. 870.333.5721 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to start your day off right. #nationalcerealday #jpckids ... See MoreSee Less

Good oral hygiene can do more than keep your mouth pretty and healthy. Did you know that a clean mouth can reduce the risk of pneumonia, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, and other health impairments. #nationaldentistday #prevention ... See MoreSee Less

Toddlers… the world leaders of multiple personalities. Tiara to tantrum in .2 seconds. Like if you agree :) #multiplepersonalityday ... See MoreSee Less

Today is a perfect day to give away a JPC umbrella ☔🌦️. And the winner is......MENDY CHAPPELL! Congrats Mendy! Pick up your prize at our office 616 Southwest Drive between 8am-5pm M-F ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to Mallory and her precious baby girls for winning our free Pampers diapers for a year contest. ... See MoreSee Less

We would like to give a big #thumbsup thank you to all our employees for their hard work and dedication. We appreciate your commitment to our patients. #employeeappreciationday #yourock ... See MoreSee Less

We are doing a rainy days umbrella giveaway. Like and share and comment something good about rainy days with your kids! ... See MoreSee Less

Today is National #shareasmile day, so be sure to make the world brighter by sharing your smile with others.#thursdaythoughts ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to the winner of our free Pampers diapers for a year contest, Mallory Huffer! Give her a like and share. ... See MoreSee Less

Celebrating our birthday/anniversary today along with Harley!
Happy 1st Birthday!!
... See MoreSee Less

Anniversaries Diaper giveaway drawing LIVE!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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