About Us


Amy Duch, APRN, brings 20 years of experience as a pediatric provider to Jonesboro, AR. From working in acute care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to primary care in Jonesboro, AR, Amy Duch is a trusted Pediatric provider who has a passion for making sick kids well again, and it is what she does best. Being a "sports-mom" has given her that extra bit of insight that helps her understand not only the needs of children but the needs of parents as well. Schedule an appointment to come meet Amy Duch today and let her keep your little one (or big tall one) healthy and happy!


Brandi Wages, LPN, brings 18 years of nursing experience to Jonesboro Pediatric Clinic. Brandi’s Pediatric nursing experience is wide-ranging, from urgent care to primary care, and her expertise is unparalleled in the profession. Her bright and cheerful smile accompanies her soft voice, which is calming to your little one when they experience the angst of the doctor’s office. Come in today and let your little one meet nurse Brandi!

"For every milestone and bump in the road along the way to healthy and happy, we are here to guide you."

We offer SAME DAY appointments to NEW and Established patients